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Six rooms and three branches to carry out the "practice the original intention to undertake the mission" Party history learning theme Party lessons

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  为积极响应习近平总书记围绕党史学习教育提出的“学史明理、学史增信、学史崇德、学史力行”要求,六室党总支第三党支部于918On the afternoon of Sunday, a Party class themed "Fulfilling the Original Aspiration and Fulfilling the Mission -- Learning the Glorious History of the Communist Party of China" was held。The Party class invited Dr. Liu Haifei, associate researcher of Institute of Marxism, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, to teach the class. All Party members of the branch attended the class。

  Dr. Liu Haifei first discussed the necessity and learning requirements of Party history study, and then systematically sorted out the development of the century-old course of the Communist Party of China。百年之前,中国共产党应运而生,为中国人民带来了光明与希望;百年以来,中国共产党经过不断探索,开辟了一条符合国情的中国特色社会主义道路,带领着中国人民和中华民族实现了从站起来、富起来到强起来的伟大飞跃。The century-long struggle of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has created today's brilliant achievements and nurtured a strong spiritual pedigree, which inspires party members to draw strength from it, strengthen their ideals and convictions, and continue to contribute to the realization of the Chinese Dream of great national renewal。

  Through this party class study, branch members of the Communist Party of China has a more systematic understanding of the history of the party, but also for the future study of the Party history has a clearer goal, more of their own responsibility and mission have a clearer cognition。The study and education of Party history guides Party members to stay true to their original aspiration of hard work and fully appreciate the superiority of the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics. It also encourages Party members to keep in mind their duties and missions and forge ahead in the direction of strengthening the national strategic scientific and technological force。As a researcher, we should take history as a mirror, learn from history and understand the present, deeply understand the significance of scientific and technological progress to the prosperity of the country, and be down-to-earth, hard work, forge ahead with determination and blaze new trails on the road of scientific research。

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Dr. Liu Haifei gives Party lessons

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