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The third branch invited Wang Feng, a professor from the School of Marxism at Beijing Normal University, to give a special Party class

Article source: | release date: 2021-11-19

  In order to further strengthen the study and education of Party history,1028On February, the State Chongsan Branch invited Professor Wang Feng from the School of Marxism of Beijing Normal University to give a lecture on Learning Party History-The History and Inspiration of the Communist Party of China in Seizing the Initiative of History in Complex Situations。Party members, activists and some members of the public attend Party classes。 

  Professor Wang Feng first focused on "Where will the Chinese Revolution go after the failure of the Great Revolution and the opening up of the road of rural land revolution".,"Where will China Go after the Victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the Founding of the People's Republic of China","Where will China go after the end of the Cultural Revolution and formulate and implement the policy of reform and opening up" three questions,He led us to review the struggle of the Communist Party of China,Analyzed in the complex situation,How does the Communist Party of China seize the initiative, seize the opportunity and finally win the victory。 

  Over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has grown from a small party of only 50 members to the largest ruling party in the world. It has united and led the people in achieving brilliant achievements in the great cause of revolution, construction and reform. This is an iron-clad answer to why the Communist Party of China can。Learning the Party's exploration process in complex situations is an important perspective for us to answer the question of why the CPC is "capable". It helps us, on the basis of drawing on historical experience, evaluate the situation, take the initiative and strive for success, and constantly deliver qualified answers to open up new prospects for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics。 

  随后,Meng Guozhu, secretary of the branch, shared his feelings about learning,He proposed,As a scientist,We should conscientiously study the century-old history of the Communist Party of China,Draw spiritual strength from it,We take "rejuvenating the country by science and technology" and "strengthening the country by science and technology" as our own duty,We will play a pioneering and exemplary role,Lead the scientific research staff around,Inherit and carry forward the spirit of scientists,Make new contributions to the motherland and the cause of science and technology,Make unremitting efforts to build our country into a world science and technology power. 

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