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The General Party Branch of the sixth Room held "Knowledge Contest to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party"

Article source: | release date: 2021-11-19

  In order to further promote the study and education of the Party history, the General Party Branch of the six rooms in923A knowledge contest on Party history was held in Japan。The whole room party members and activists more than 100 people to participate in the activity, this activity by the six room two branch。 

  The knowledge contest is a combination of online contest and offline contest. Every member of the branch can participate in the online contest. The questions are mainly multiple-choice questions9The participating teams (per division3One. Each team is made up of3People composition) field competition, divided into individual required questions, group required questions, three links, question type to multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, judgment questions and other forms, from a variety of angles to investigate the understanding of Party members of the history of the party knowledge。 

  Before the event,Liu Baoxu, secretary of the General Branch of the Party of the Sixth Room, mobilized before the race,He said he would learn from history,You can know what's going on,In order to create a better future,See why we were successful in the past and how we can continue to be successful in the future,Remember your original mission,Firm ideals and convictions,Encourage everyone to actively participate in the Party history learning activities,We will further strengthen the Party spirit。活动中,各个参赛队伍积极踊跃、认真作答,在必答题环节,各队得分不相上下,充分展现了对党史知识的熟练掌握和理解;抢答环节,各队拼速度拼反应,聚精会神。Six room two branch secretary Comrade Lu Zhigang took the lead in answering questions, played a good driving role, the whole process of the game is wonderful。 

  After fierce competition, the first group of the third Party Branch won the "group first prize", the second group and the third group of the first Party branch won the "group second prize", and the other groups won the "group third prize"。According to the comprehensive results of online and offline competitions, the second Party Branch won the "Excellent Branch" honorary award, and produced several "outstanding individual awards"。       

  The Party history knowledge competition activities, fully mobilize the six room all Party members and activists to learn the party history knowledge of consciousness and enthusiasm, encourage the party members to give full play to the vanguard role, inherit and carry forward the valuable experience and fine tradition of the Party。 

Field of competition

Group photo of first prize winners

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