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In the name of the old scientist - three room two branch for a number of science and technology attack commandos awarded

Article source: | release date: 2021-12-06

  At the centenary of the founding of the Party, in order to further strengthen the awareness of all Party members to learn from old scientists,2021119On Sunday, the two branches of the three rooms were heldNaming commandos and awarding ceremony for old scientists,共有46A comrade of the Party took part in the activity。

  The third branch of the second branch of the scientific research or engineering group as a unit, set up six commandos named after old scientists, willDeng Jiaxian science and technology tackle youth commandosSouth Rendong science and technology breakthrough youth commandosCheng Kaijia science and technology tackle youth commandosYu Min science and technology breakthrough youth commandosQian Xuesen science and technology research youth commandosHuang Xuhua science and technology breakthrough youth commandos"Was awarded to the research team led by Mr. Ma Can, Yue Yinliang, Lin Zheng, Zhang Yim, Zhai Lidong, and Zhou Yu respectively。Three room Party branch secretary Wang Weiping comrade for the six commando representative award, and put forward, the six old scientists are engaged in two bombs one star, strategic nuclear submarine development,FASTA man of merit in engineering construction,They have made outstanding contributions in safeguarding national security and meeting the nation's major needs,Cyberspace is the "fifth frontier" of national security,Ensuring the security of cyberspace is also a strategic national requirement,I hope you can learn from the older generation of scientists to be pragmatic, serve the country for the people, selfless dedication of patriotic feelings and noble character,We undertook historical responsibilities in major scientific and technological tasks to overcome difficulties for the country,To carry forward the spirit of scientists and spearhead the knife company。

  The awarding ceremony will be three rooms of two branches this yearLearn to practice the spirit of scientistsThe series of activities reached a climax, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of comrades to further study and practice the spirit of scientists。We all said that the move to name the commandos in the name of the old scientists reminds us to remember the old scientists indomitable struggle, assiduous study, willing to dedicate, the spirit of unremitting struggle, is all of usNational teamnationalA powerful source of power and spiritual nutrition to overcome difficulties and climb mountains。

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