The second Research Office
  National Engineering Research Center for Information Content Security (formerly National Engineering Laboratory for Information Content Security Technology),Approved in 2008) with the Second Research Office (hereinafter referred to as the "Research Office") as the main body,It is one of the first 100 engineering centers approved for construction by the National Development and Reform Commission,Supported by the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences。
  Research direction 
  Oriented to cyberspace information, it studies processing architecture, network security, content understanding, intelligent computing, situation awareness, information countermeasures and other technologies。
  Overall objective 
  It provides technical support for national network information security strategy needs, provides technical security guarantee for national major network information security projects, provides technical radiation with independent intellectual property rights for information security technology industrialization development, and makes significant contribution to Chinese network security。
  Scientific research achievement 
  The laboratory has profound technical accumulation in network information security and information intelligent processing,It has long been supported by major national science and technology plans,It has undertaken a number of National Natural Science Foundation projects, cyberspace security projects, science and technology support programs, national key research and development programs, and leading projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,A large number of characteristic technologies, application platforms and engineering systems have been accumulated in network information storage and heterogeneous computing, network flow processing architecture and network space mapping, network target range and network security situation awareness, network behavior analysis and intelligent information countermeasure, content computing and intelligent information filtering, data mining and content security and other aspects,In a number of international evaluation has achieved good results,And published more than 200 papers in international top journal conferences,The core algorithms and techniques have been applied in many major projects。 
  Research team 
  There are more than 120 regular researchers in the laboratory, including 40 associate professors and above. More than 60% of the researchers have a doctor's degree。In the past five years, the laboratory has undertaken more than 150 important scientific research projects, including National Natural Science Foundation projects, national key research and development programs, special projects of cyberspace security, strategic Pilot projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, national major projects and so on。 
  Contact information 
  Contact: Cheng Xiuyun