State Key Laboratory of Information Security
  The State Key Laboratory of Information Security was set up in1989年,1991It is one of the earliest research institutions in the field of information security and the only state key laboratory in the field of information security in China。The laboratory was originally under the supervision of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It was first supported by the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and then by the Institute of Software.2012It is based on the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences。

  Research direction 

  Cryptographic theory and technology, Security protocols and systems, Network and system security, information confrontation and content security。

  Overall objective 

  It is its mission to serve the national strategy of cyberspace security development and lead the direction of international academic development,Shoulder the mission of national network information security technology innovation leader,Attract and unite national innovation resources,Unite to cultivate world-class talents,To carry out original interdisciplinary basic frontier research,We will address major scientific issues concerning cyberspace security,Breakthrough disruptive core key technologies,Become the national information security science and technology innovation system in the basic frontier research highland。

  Scientific research achievement 

  2012-2021In 2007, I undertook various scientific research projects850Remainder term, where the country863计划、973Plan, science and technology support plan, major science and technology innovation project, key research and development plan, natural Science Fund (Jieqing Youqing), major projects, etc458Item, total scientific research funding9.09亿元。Publish a paper5000The remainder (in whichSCI收录1700余篇,EI收录3100余篇);出版专著、译著124部;获得专利授权272To obtain software copyright registration408项;完成国家标准、行业规范73Participated in the writing of international standards7项;Scientific research achievement获国家级、省部级奖励47One of which won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress4Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award6The first prize of National Natural Science1Second Prize of National Natural Science1The third prize of National Natural Science2The first prize of provincial and ministerial level14项。  

  Research team 

  20225Month, the lab has a permanent staff132Candidate of National talent Training program3He is a candidate of the college talent introduction Program5He is a recipient of the National Science Fund for Outstanding Young People2He is a winner of the National Science Foundation for Outstanding Young People3人;在站博士后12人。I am a doctoral student in the laboratory280I am a postgraduate student208人。

  Contact information 

  Contact: Gao Qi