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The basic score and procedures of the 2022 Master reexamination of the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Published: 2022-03-25

According to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences2022Requirements for re-examination of graduate student recruitment,Follow the "Enrollment on Demand, comprehensive measurement,Selective admission,Give up more than you have,Quality assurance "and the principles of" openness, fairness and justice",The Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Institute of Information Technology) is organized and led by the Leading Group of Enrollment Work,Combined with the actual research institute,对2022Annual master's examination for students to make the following arrangements。

1. Basic score line for the second round of unified master examination

Information engineering office2022The basic score line of the national Unified examination for master candidates entering the second examination is as follows:

Type of examination



Business Class 1

Business Course 2


Academic type






Professional type






The backbone Program for ethnic minorities



Retired college Soldiers Program



All candidates who apply for the first choice of the institute and meet the requirements of the above scores are eligible to participate in the second test of the institute。The institute does not accept transfer of candidates from outside the institute。

二、Enrollment number

This time is expected to enroll master's unified examination166人。

Third, the way of second interview

According to the requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, the second examination will be conducted through the network remote reexamination. Please follow the Instructions of the Online Reexamination of the Master's Unified Examination of the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (attached)4), prepare for the second interview。

Iv. Registration Method for second interview

请于32815:00Log in the enrolment system of the Institute of Information Technology ( name: Email address (the same as the email address filled in during registration), Password: personal ID number。Those who fail to register within the time limit will be regarded as giving up, and no change of the interview department is allowed after the registration deadline。

V. Schedule of the second interview

32815:00Before, candidates log in the institute enrollment system。

329On May 1, the contact person informs candidates of the platform and requirements for the second interview and urges them to complete the psychological test。

33017:00Before the examination, candidates should submit the verification materials to the email address of the contact person (see qualification examination for specific requirements).。

331On Sunday, the contact person will organize candidates to conduct equipment debugging and test environment inspection。

41Candidates for the network remote retest。

6. Contact person

After registration, the contact person will contact the candidate to inform him/her about the re-examination platform, re-examination requirements, re-examination equipment debugging, examination environment inspection and other matters. Please keep the communication open and follow the email。The department contact person and contact information are as follows:


Contact person

Contact information


State Key Laboratory of Information Security

Teacher Wang


The second Research Office

Teacher Peng


Laboratory No. 3

Teacher Chu


Laboratory No. 4

Teacher Gu


Laboratory No. 5

Teacher Fu


Laboratory No. 6

Miss Guo


Mailing address:

State Key Laboratory of Information Security: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65Yiyuan cultural and creative baseC2东段

Laboratory 2: A, Minzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing89The west gate of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Laboratory No. 3: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65Yiyuan cultural and creative baseC12Dongdong section413

Laboratory 4: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65Yiyuan cultural and creative baseC1Middle block

Laboratory 5: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65Yiyuan cultural and creative baseC1Dongbei section

Laboratory No. 6: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65Yiyuan cultural and creative baseC1Third floor east section

Vii. Qualification Review

Candidates are required to33017:00Before scanning the following materials into electronic version (PDFFormat) and submit to the email address of the contact。All materials are named according to the number and name and put into the compressed folder, folder and email subject according to the "qualification audit+Examination number+name。


Material name



Scanned copy of original valid ID card and original admission ticket



Original Application Form for Political Examination of graduate Students



The original copy of the Re-examination Registration Form

Complete the form, sign it, and bring a one inch color photo





Original undergraduate transcript






The original score certificate or certificate reflecting the English proficiency of the candidate



Original documents of academic papers, patents, scientific research results and other original work results published in published academic journals or national academic conferences



Original certificates of various awards



University of Chinese Academy of Sciences2022Master student recruitment network remote reexamination candidates integrity commitment letter "original

Candidate's signature

Note: Except No789All other materials must be submitted。

Among them, "Application Form for postgraduate political Examination", "Registration Form for Candidates' Second Examination", undergraduate transcript and "University of Chinese Academy of Sciences"2022The original copy of the signed paper copy of the Letter of Sincerity Commitment of the Candidates for the remote Reexamination of the annual Master Student Recruitment network must be attached at415Send it to the department contact person before the date of delivery。The paper version of the above materials is placed in an envelope marked with the test number+姓名。If the electronic materials are inconsistent with the mailing materials, once verified, the examinee's score will be cancelled according to the seriousness of the circumstances。

Viii. Physical examination and psychological test


The standards of physical examination refer to the Guidelines on Physical Examination for Enrollment in Colleges and Universities issued by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the China Disabled Persons' Federation (Teaching[2003]3No.), Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health "Notice on Further Standardizing the Physical Examination Program for Enrollment and Employment and Safeguarding the Enrollment and Employment Rights of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Carriers" (issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security[2010]12Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education and the General Office of the Ministry of Health on the Cancellation of Hepatitis B Item Test in Physical Examination for Students enrolled in regular Institutions of Higher Learning (Department of Education [20102No.) is required to proceed。

After the institute announces the list of candidates to be admitted, candidates should go to the local secondary A hospital for physical examination and send the physical examination report together with the qualification examination materials to the application department within the specified time。The medical report must be affixed with the candidate's recent color photo, which must be signed by the candidate。Physical examination must include: blood routine, urine routine, electrocardiogram, liver function (three items of liver), chest X-ray, color ultrasound, internal medicine, surgery, vision, color blindness。

2.Psychological test

Candidates' psychological tests are planned in329The day will be organized by each department, and the contact person will contact the candidate to make specific arrangements。

Ix. Content and form of the second interview

The content of the second interview mainly includes: English test, professional quality and ability, comprehensive quality and ability, ideological and moral character test and assessment。

The second examination focuses on the examination of candidates' English listening and speaking ability, thinking ability, professional knowledge structure, personal quality, scientific research potential, expression ability, etc。The time for each candidate to retake the test is usually20About minutes。Ideological and moral assessment is not quantified into the total score, but is an important part of the second examination。The existence of serious disciplinary records and other circumstances are not qualified for ideological and moral assessment。

The form of second interview is mainly interview, supplemented by computer test (Laboratory No. 3, Laboratory No. 6 organic test)。

X. To be admitted

English test, professional knowledge and comprehensive quality assessment are all based on the percentage system, and calculated in the following way, the result of the second test is achieved60Is divided into the second examination score pass。

Second test score = English score ×10% + professional knowledge and comprehensive quality score ×90

The total score of candidates is calculated as follows:

Total test score = (preliminary test score ÷5)×50% + reexamination result ×50

The re-examination group will comprehensively score the candidates' scores of the first and second examinations, select the candidates to be admitted according to the principle of selecting the best in the total scores, and submit them to the admission leading group of the Institute for examination and approval. The list of the candidates to be admitted will be published on the website。

Only after the list has been approved by the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and checked by the Ministry of Education, can the admission notice be issued to the candidates。

Candidates who have one of the following circumstances, once verified, will not be admitted:

1If the application materials are fraudulent, the application qualification examination will not be passed or the application qualification examination will not be accepted。

2Ideological and moral assessment is not qualified (must review the candidate's political examination form)。

3During the second interview, I recorded screen recordings, sent interview questions to others, obtained help from others that affected my scores, and used software other than the second interview platform。

4Failed in the second examination。

Supervision and reconsideration

Candidates who have objections to the results of the second test may do so after the results are published3Submit real-name written appeal to the Student Education Division of the Institute of Information Engineering within days。

Supervisory telephone number:010-82546780010-82640446


Student education office