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Notice on review of recent study status of exempted students (including Direct Bo students) recommended for 2022

Released: 2022-03-29

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and USTCM on postgraduate enrollment, the Institute of Information Engineering is now investigating2022The recommended exam-free students (including direct doctoral students) received in the last two semesters of courses and completed course scores, graduation thesis (graduation project, practical activities) topic selection and progress, law-abiding conditions, etc。

The arrangement is as follows:

1, please fill in the2022The recent Study Review Form for exempted students (including Zhibo students) (see the attachment) should be stamped with the official seal of the school and sent to the Student Education Office of the Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of SciencesScanned copySend it to zhaosheng@wooksung.com邮箱

2Please submit it2Expert recommendation letter of famous professors (or experts with equivalent professional and technical titles) (The recommendation letter can be downloaded from the "Data Download" section of the "Doctoral Enrollment" column of USTCM Enrollment Information Network, and can be filled in by the recommended experts and sent to the letter office, or sealed and delivered by others)。

The deadline for receiving the above materials is2022412Date (subject to delivery time), mailing address: A, Minzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing89Student Education Office, Institute of Information Engineering, Postal Code:100093

Contact number:010-82546361 

Contact person: Mr. Sun 

                                                                                            Student education office