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The "Industrial Internet Infrastructure Security Laboratory" of CAS has been shortlisted for the laboratory of Industrial Internet Industry Alliance

Release time: 2021-02-05

  2021年23日,2020The list of Laboratories of Industrial Internet Industry Alliance (the second batch) was officially released in 2005, and the "Industrial Internet Infrastructure Security Laboratory" independently led by the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "Information Technology Institute") was successfully selected。 

  Under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance aims to accelerate the development of China's industrial Internet and promote the coordinated development of industry-university-research and application of industrial Internet 2016 2 In January, the industry alliance was jointly initiated by industry, information and communication industry, Internet and other fields。Currently the alliance shares 1856 The member is the largest and most influential industrial alliance in the field of Chinese industrial Internet。 

  The selection of the Internet Industry Alliance laboratory aims to further implement the "State Council on deepening the" Internet+Advanced Manufacturing "Guidelines on the Development of Industrial Internet", accelerate the development of industrial Internet new technologies, new models, new forms of business research, test verification and results of the transformation, to accelerate the development of industrial Internet。Alliance successively20203月和9In June, two batches of alliance laboratory construction work was started, and a total of more than 100 units were selected15A laboratory。After fierce competition, as an independent applicant, the Institute was successfully selected as an alliance laboratory (the second batch) (total6Home), indicates our country's industrial Internet fields to the credit institute in the aspects of scientific research ability, key technologies, human level comprehensive recognition。 

  The "Industrial Internet Infrastructure Security Laboratory" will be under the guidance of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance,For the national industrial Internet strategic needs,It relies on cutting-edge global technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyberspace mapping and security situation awareness,Formulate standards for intelligent security protection systems,Research and development of security protection system with independent intellectual property rights around new technologies, new models and new business forms,Through the laboratory to further gather industrial superiority resources,For the intelligent era of new infrastructure construction to provide intelligent security protection overall solution,It will provide important security guarantee for Chinese industrial Internet intelligent transformation。 


2020List of Industrial Internet Industry Alliance Laboratories (second batch)