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The online academic report "Journal into the laboratory -- see how experts write papers" was successfully held

Release time: 2021-04-25

  2021417The Science and Technology Division and the Student Education Division of the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully held an online academic report entitled "Journal in the Research Room -- See How Experts Write Papers" on January 1.。This lecture is mainly for the teachers and students of the Institute of Information Technology. We will invite Mr. Luo Xia Pu from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Mr. Meng Guozhu from the Institute of Information Technology to give a special report on the writing and submission of the paper, and exchange answers on the academic questions related to the writing of the paper。

  Rorschach Park around smart contract analysis to their research inCCS19NDSS20ICSE21等顶会中发表的论文为例,深入剖析顶会论文的写作投稿经验;孟国柱讲述了从论文投稿(会议、期刊)、Rebuttal(thesis refutation), the experience of the revision of each link and the key points for attention。Two experts report covering the entire paper submission closed loop of wonderful dry goods, so that everyone benefited。 

  This report will be held through Tencent conference, the peak number of people reached186人。Through the successful holding of this academic activity, I have learned that the generation of topic selection, the determination of ideas and the construction of framework of a high-quality paper are the pain points of many authors. In the future, I will continue to organize relevant special reports to provide more sharing of thesis writing experience for teachers and students of the institute。