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Shi Danping won the 6th "Youth Talent Lifting Project"

Release time: 2021-05-10

  Shi Danping from the State Key Laboratory of Information Security was recommended by the Cryptography Society of China2021-2022Annual "Young Talent Lifting Project" project。

  The "Youth Talent Promotion Project" is sponsored by the China Association for Science and Technology20159Monthly project approval, selected to support the specific implementation of the affiliated national association of Science and Technology or association consortium。The project adopts the method of replacing subsidies with awards and providing stable support to vigorously support those with greater innovation ability and development potential30To help young scientific and technological talents around the age of 18 to make outstanding achievements in the golden age of creativity, and grow into high-level leading talents in major national scientific and technological fields and an important reserve force for high-level innovation teams。

  Shi Danping,2011He received his bachelor's degree from Soochow University and his doctor's degree from the Institute of Information Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences under the supervision of Professor Hu Lei。She has made a series of original achievements in symmetric cryptanalysis, which have been published in the mainstream international conferences and journals of cryptography in recent years14A paper。Among them, three cryptographic papers will be published5Chapter, includingCRYPTO(美密)1篇、EUROCRYPT(欧密)1篇、ASIACRYPT(亚密)3篇;在IACRConference on Symmetric CryptographyFSEPublish a paper on 3篇。