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Five teams from Xin 'an Guozhong won excellent results in the sixth National College Cryptographic Math Challenge

Release Time: 2021-08-26

  2021824The 6th "Tianrongxin Cup" co-sponsored by the Higher Education Mathematics Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education and Tianrongxin Technology Group2021The final of the National College Cryptographic Math Challenge came to a successful conclusion。Students from the State Key Laboratory of Information Security (hereinafter referred to as Xin 'an Guozhong) organized a team to participate in the competition and won one grand prize, one second prize and three third prizes。 

  The National Cryptographic Math Challenge for Universities is an interdisciplinary benchmarking competition covering mathematics, cryptography, computer, network security and other majors,The aim is to identify and cultivate young innovative talents with special talents in mathematics and its cross-application in a challenge format,Strengthen college students' consciousness of innovation, improve students' ability of applying mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems, and cultivate team spirit,So as to improve the comprehensive quality of college students。 

  The challenge received entries from all over the country75Colleges and universities,220A team,600More than one contestant signed up for the competition。The problems include: truncated reduction of a sequence on a ring,z_2^nComplete characterization of linear inequalities of cononempty subsets, error learning problem (LWE)。After the authoritative deliberation of the competition Expert Committee, total39An elite team emerges to advance to the national finals。In the end, after online public defense, on-site public questions, experts centralized deliberation and other links, the final list of the awards of this competition was selected。 

  The nation of security to seize the treasure bear soldiers2Clan, riding deer through the forest clan, fighting Zong strong clan, three timesIceCreamThe team and the Double Nut Shell team won prizes in the competition。Among them, by the Xin 'an heavy students CAI Xiaofan, Ma Zilong, Chang Shuai composed of Raiders bear soldiers2The team won the special prize, and Sun Yao won the excellent Advisor Award。 


Xin An Guozhong winning teams

Professor Sun Yao won the Outstanding Advisor Award