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The lunch sharing meeting of "Journal Entering the Laboratory -- One Step Faster in Scientific Research" was successfully held

Release time: 2021-09-22
  On September 10, 2021, the State Key Laboratory of Information Security and the Editorial Department of Information Security Journal successfully held the offline academic exchange meeting "Journal entering the Laboratory -- One Step Faster in scientific Research".。
  This lecture is mainly for the teachers and students of the Institute of Information Technology, inviting Mr. Sun Guangyu from Peking University and Mr. Huang Gao from Tsinghua University to share their research methods and topic selection skills based on their own research achievements and experiences。
  Teacher Sun Guangyu takes his own scientific research experience as reference,Share how topics on the road to research can be one step ahead: First,他介绍自己从博士阶段初入门时研究3D集成电路芯片到在谢源教授的建议下较早地关注了MRAM存储介质及其在高速缓存等领域的应用;随后,In the research field of deep neural network, I give my own suggestions: I think from the familiar research field (architecture, etc.) respectively upward (algorithm, application) and downward (circuit),持开放的态度关注相关领域的研究动态;最后,He also offers insights on how to find and discover research directions in industry,Benefit everyone,Suddenly come to light。
  Huang Gao reviews the development of machine learning through some anecdotes, showing the opportunities and setbacks in the development of artificial intelligence over the decades。Then, combined with my doctoral and doctoral research experience, I introduced how to carry out a promising research。Finally, he introduced the recent research work on dynamic neural networks, showing the huge potential of dynamic neural networks in computer vision scenes, and brought a lot of scientific enlightenment to everyone。Miss Huang's sharing opened up everyone's thinking and triggered everyone's heated discussion and thinking。
  Due to epidemic control and venue restrictions, only 30 teachers and students were invited to participate in the report。In the solicitation of opinions and suggestions after the meeting, students and teachers said that the lunch sharing meeting was in a good form, with a relaxed atmosphere and a novel and practical theme。In the future, the editorial Department will invite more front-line experts to participate in the laboratory activities, and strive to create a good scientific research platform for the teachers and students of the institute。
  "Journal into the Laboratory" is an academic exchange activity for teachers and students of the institute launched by the Journal after "Information Security Journal Salon"。It aims to create an academic exchange platform for scholars in the field of cyberspace security, covering the latest scientific research achievements, academic paper writing, research methods, research experience, etc。The journal invites experts in various fields to come into the laboratory and have in-depth face-to-face communication with researchers, hoping to set an example for researchers to learn, point out the direction of research and stimulate the inspiration of innovation。
  Mr. Sun Guangyu gave a keynote speech
Mr. Huang Gao will give a keynote speech