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Cybersecurity, an English-language journal sponsored by the Institute, is included by JCR

Release time: 2021-12-22

  20211220日,《CybersecurityBy the Bibliographic Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (JCR), located in the Computer Science partition category。 

  This is the first book of the yearCybersecurity》继EIESCIDatabase collection, another achievement。 

  2021Annual journal partition table shared6ESCIJournal inclusionComputer science分类,《Cybersecurity"Was selectedESCIThe only security journal in the journal。 

  CybersecurityThe employment rate is13%, the manuscript source coverage6大洲46Each country, the proportion of overseas manuscripts83.7%,有164Journal manuscripts are downloaded in each country。2021Year end11Monthly downloads:206,147Times, the average download nearly5000 

  Our sincere thanks to the editors, experts, reviewers, authors and readers who support the journal! 

  2021On the basis of scientific methods and objective data, the basic edition of the Division Table of Journals of the Literature and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Division Table) has been continued to be used2020Method system of annual partition table。 

  The partition table is a research result of the Literature and Information Center of the Chinese Academy of SciencesSCIThe academic influence of journals can provide reference for academic submissions and support for the macro judgment of scientific research management departments。 

  2021Annual journal partition table, based on journal positioning and paper citations, will be added217SCIE/SSCIJournals and113ESCIChinese journals are classified into the corresponding major disciplines。 

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