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Yin Hejun participated in the theoretical learning Center group of the Party Committee of the Institute of Information Technology

Release time: 2021-12-15

  129Sunday afternoon,Yin Hejun, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and deputy secretary of the Party Leadership Group, went to the Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,Participate in the Party Committee theory learning center group thematic learning expansion conference,学习贯彻习近平总书记和中央领导同志关于基础研究工作系列重要指示批示精神,To study and implement the "Several Opinions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Strengthening Basic Research" (" Ten Basic Research Principles ") and the spirit of President Hou Jianguo's speech at the Conference on Basic Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,We will discuss measures to strengthen basic research。 

  At the meeting, Wu Shizhong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute, conveyed the relevant spirit and the deployment requirements of the Party group of the Institute. Meng Dan, director of the Institute, and other members of the Party and government groups made key speeches. Some middle-level cadres and young backbone representatives of scientific research exchanged speeches。 

  阴和俊指出,习近平总书记和中央领导同志关于基础研究工作的重要指示批示,充分体现了党中央对科技创新和基础研究的高度重视与殷切期望,为我院新时期加强基础研究工作提供了根本遵循。We should study deeply, understand deeply and deepen our understanding, unify our thoughts and actions with the spirit and requirements of the CPC Central Committee, follow the arrangement of the Conference on Basic Research, focus on the specific measures of "Ten basic research measures", and push basic research work to a new level。 

  Yin and Jun emphasized,We should fully recognize the importance and urgency of strengthening basic research,Accurately grasp the mission orientation of the institute,The main task will be to carry out oriented and systematic basic research on the national strategic needs and major issues in the frontiers of science,Innovative topic selection mechanism and organizational model,It is based on the solution of key core technologies and basic frontier issues concerning national development and security。We should improve the evaluation system for basic research, strengthen the value orientation of quality, performance and contribution, and pay attention to practice and application verification。We should attach great importance to the construction of talented personnel, especially the training and use of young talents. As the top priority of our work, we should guide and organize them to take the lead, fight hard and solve difficult problems in line with the national strategic needs, and create a scientific research culture and innovation ecology for doing business。 

  Cas Personnel Bureau is mainly responsible for comrades attending the conference。