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The Women's Committee of the Institute of Information Industry and the Women's Working Committee of the trade union organized the activity of "Cultural Tour · Silk enamel" to celebrate the Women's Day

Release time: 2022-03-24

  37Sunday afternoon, to celebrate三八International Working Women's Day112The anniversary was jointly organized by the Women's Working Committee of the Institute and the Women's Working Committee of the Trade Union (hereinafter referred to as the Women's Committee of the Institute and the Women's Working Committee of the Trade Union)Cultural journey·Pinching enamel活动。Guo Li, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute, Zhang Yonghong, a member of the Party Committee and vice president of the trade union, and nearly 100 female workers attended the event. Guo Li delivered a speech。 

  Guo said that all the female staff of the institute have been playing the role of "half the sky", making due contributions to the national cyberspace security cause, showing the spirit of innovation, responsibility and vitality in the new era。I hope all female workers insist on carrying forward the spirit of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-improvement, self-reliance, striving to be a "diligent study, enterprising, caring" new era of women, heart "national affairs", shoulder "national responsibility", with more excellent results to meet the Party's 20 victory。

  The crafty female workers, some making silk enamel brooches, some making coasters, some painting glasses, after more than three hours of meticulous carving, presented a piece of exquisite art。This activity carried forward the traditional Chinese culture and enriched the cultural life of female workers. Everyone said it was a festival full of happiness。  

Guo Li delivered a speech to celebrate Women's Day

The staff who participate in the activity make it carefully

The left picture shows the finished product of the painted water cup, and the right picture shows the first half finished product of "pinch wire enamel" baking