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Application Guide for 2021-2022 Open Project of CAS Key Laboratory of Network Evaluation Technology

Release time: 2022-01-25

  The Key Laboratory of Network Evaluation Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences was founded in2014In 2005, the laboratory, relying on the existing scientific research advantages of the Institute of Information Engineering, focused on cyberspace security evaluation(Cyberspace Risk Assessment) to carry out basic application research, key technology research and application research and development,The construction of a large-scale analysis and detection experiment platform aims to connect with national goals and strategic needs, aim at the forefront of international science and technology in cyberspace research, and provide technical support for improving China's cyberspace security assessment capability through the organization and implementation of collaborative research with a guiding role。 

  In order to encourage scientific research cooperation and exchange, the laboratory is now setting up an open project fund for universities, research institutions and other relevant units, inviting domestic and foreign counterparts to conduct research in the field of network security。The funding fields mainly include (but are not limited to) : cyber space security information system protection theory and technology, cyber space security monitoring theory and technology, cyber attack and defense theory and technology。 

  Proposed funding for this year3-8Item open subject, including1-2Key project。Key project funding direction is cyberspace security evaluation technology。The general project funding is3-5万元/The key topic is5-10万元/Encourage key project recipients or team members to visit the laboratory during the grant period2-3个月。The research cycle of open topics is generally1-2年。 

  Applicants should have a doctor's degree or intermediate or above professional technical title, no research in the laboratory open projects, and can only apply annually1project。Multiple teams are welcome and encouraged to apply jointly in one direction。 

  The deadline for processing applications is2022315日。Applicants should fill in the Application for Open Project Fund of Key Laboratory of Network Evaluation Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, stamped with the official seal of the organization, in paper version2By the following mailing address before the closing date。Application materials should be sent electronically    

  Contact person: Huo Fei  

  Contact number:(010)-82546215 邮箱 

  Mailing address: Xingshikou Road, Haidian District, Beijing65YuenC1Three floors in the middle of the building,Laboratory No. 6, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Key Laboratory of Network Evaluation Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences100093