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The Institute organizes and holds student work seminars

Release time: 2022-01-29

  16On Sunday afternoon, the Student Education Office of the Institute held a student work forum in Yiyuan Park to listen to the work report of the Graduate Union and solicit opinions and suggestions on the student work of the Institute。The meeting was presided over by Fu Dongmei, Director of the Department of Student Education, related personnel of the Department of Student Education, secretary of the research office and student representatives18Person-to-person attendance。 

  At the meeting, Gao Kexin, president of the Graduate Student Association, reported the graduate student Association2021The Graduate Student Union has carried out various academic sports and sports activities12The field has greatly enriched the daily life of students in the institute and enhanced their sense of identity and belonging。In the discussion stage, the secretary of the research office and the student representatives at the meeting expressed their views on the issues concerned by the students. The Department of Student Education responded on the spot, and made careful records of their suggestions for the next step。During the meeting, the Student Education Office also made a briefing and interpretation on the epidemic prevention and control work of the institute's students and the incentive and reward policy system。

  The student work symposium has set up a platform for smooth communication between the institute and students, and laid a foundation for the institute to do student work well in the long term。


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