Brief introduction

The Institute of Information Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) was established in 2011。Institute in accordance with the "soft and hard repair,Contradictory compatibility,There is a way to open and close,The policy of relaxation and moderation,Adhering to the "build a first-class platform,Gather first-class talents,Support national demand,Lead the development of discipline,Strive to become the national strategic scientific and technological force in the field of information engineering",Meet national strategic needs,In the field of information security technology,Carry out basic theory and advanced technology research,Develop applicable technologies and systems,Provide core and key technical support and system solutions for the national informatization process。


Office policy


Institute organizational culture

忠诚 创新

团结 奋斗

Current leader

    所 长
    孟 丹
    Secretary of the Party Committee
    Wu Shizhong
    Deputy director
    潘 锋
    Deputy party secretary
    郭 莉
    Deputy director
    邹 维
    Deputy party secretary
    Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection
    Lv Lianqing
    Deputy director
    Wang Weiping



Organization overview